Good day fellow carvers;

Well so far this year is moving at a very fast pace. All of us have been busy with their own carvings and trying to achieve the best possible results. It takes practice, practice and more practice. Don’t give up, keep it up it will get better. Just the other day I was speaking to one of our members and he said “your always learning even though you may think you can’t go further”, that is complete nonsense, my thoughts to you is keep on learning”. Stuck on a project, ask someone around you he/she may have the answer. Our club have many talented carvers and someone out their can help you. Every week I look around and see someone helping someone. We have an exciting club and a club that continues to be the best in Winnipeg.

Thanks to George we have had numerous courses this year and more to come. Gary Petriw did a Santa course with paint, and everyone stepped away with a great carving. We also had Murray Watson ( a well known artist ) carve an owl on barb wire. I saw the results from all the one’s who took his class and what a great job you guys did. That’s not all folks, he’s coming back next month with a Canadian Goose. Don’t know what else he does, but we will ask him for next year to do something different. Speaking of next year we have already two instructors who have already said they want to be in on this. One of them is Larry Verhaeghe and he’ll be teaching us a bird. This is going to be the first time for a long long time since a bird carving has been taught. Folks, there’s a lot more to come. Sad to say however George Babij wants to step down so if anyone wants to take his place in doing education please let me know we will accept your application.

Okay get ready for another evening of trade or sell your tools, we will be doing this again as It was a success and we were asked if we are going to be doing it again. Will announce a date shortly once we meet with the executives very shortly. So in the meantime go ahead and look around to see what you want to sell or trade off. For all new carvers this is an opportunity to pick up fairly new tools at a reasonable price. It’s not just new tools, bring some wood, bring carvings, paints whatever you have and you don’t need any longer.

We’re happy to say that we have 9 new member who have joined our team this year. Wow ! that’s pretty good and after the Festival du Voyageur we may get more carvers to  join the club. Speaking about the Festival, first of all I want to say “THANK-YOU” to all of those who volunteered. All of you guys made this possible. For those who were unable to come to see us, you missed something fantastic, the tables were packed with their personal carvings and the tables were busy looking. Everyone enjoyed themselves and had a great time in promoting the club. Proud of all of you guys. Missed you Larry, I know you really wanted to be their, however health comes first.

Was speaking to Stan Arrowsmith yesterday and we’re happy to say that he’s feeling really good. His operation was a success and once the ice clears up he’ll be back at the club. Larry can’t wait to get his operation done so he can start carving again. He’s already put his name for volunteering at Prairie Canada. The dates for Prairie Canada is Friday April 21 to Sunday April 23. Yup you guessed it, we’re looking for volunteers to set up, tear down displays plus volunteers to manage our booths. Should have a page on the table for you to sign your signature. Let’s all carve and show your piece in this show and win those medals. This year let’s give Bert a run. I saw what he’s entering this year, it’s a winner. Would like to see everyone enter something. If you don’t know how to enter just ask Earl as he enters almost every year and he has more ribbons than anyone I know. All right I gotta go Larry is screaming at me to finish this of, see you at the club.

Happy carving everyone.