Hello everyone;

What a great year so far, membership is increasing, Welcome to John, Don, Tom, Gordon, Ralph, and Bob. If I missed anyone I apologize but know that you are equally welcome. Each week as I look around the tables I see the many beautiful carvings and everyone having fun it makes me happy. Laurie is trying to bring his record for a 5 minute wood spirit down to 3 minutes, Stan making hundreds of Christmas pins to give away and Jean-Marie helping out every week by sharpening knives for all those taking classes and need a knife or chisel touched up. When we walk into the wood shop the place is fairly clean and that’s thanks to Larry who comes in early to clean up and he does that every week. I see that the more experience carvers are walking around and helping out new members and novice carvers with suggestions on how to improve their carving. Way to go TEAM, proud of you guys.

Wow, so far this year we have had 2 great workshops taught by 2 great teachers, our very own Gary Petriw who taught a Santa on basswood and that course went 4 weeks. Almost everyone bought extra blanks so they could do one at home on their own by using skills learned from the workshop. That’s the way to learn. The other workshop was taught by Murray Watson who did an owl on barb wire. Murray is a great teacher and everyone came out with a finished product. All great stuff. Murray will be back in March

to do a Canada goose. Hey George keep those courses coming So what’s for next year?, stay tuned as we have some new and different ideas coming up only to make Les Gens de Bois a more exciting and fun place to be. We’re having an executive meeting very shortly and after that we’ll let you know what’s coming up. Keep carving those wonderful pieces and enter them in the Prairie Canada carving competition this coming April. Let’s be the club with the most entries and ribbons. We’re counting on you Bert, Gary, Evelyn, Bill, Gerry, Sindy, Ken, Don and to all of you keep on carving.

Looking forward to another great year of carving and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year.